In support of and in response to the We See you White american Theater and The Living Document

In response to the demands of both the We See You, White American Theatre and The Living Document coalitions, Magic acknowledges and is grateful for the thought, care, courage and labor that has gone into their creation and encourages their support. Many of the values are already in alignment withMagic’s mission, and we are fully committed to better empowering our BIPOC community and artists. We encourage everyone to do so. 

Both of these documents have been distributed to all board and staff members and are being carefully reviewed and discussed, line by line. 

Magic has committed to an anti-racist approach in addressing all of these demands and concerns. Some of the items are immediately actionable and have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented. Others will require deeper reflection, planning, time and resources to fully realize. As much as we want to enact immediate changes, we are opposed to performative or ineffective action and are committed to long-term growth.  We will set realistic timelines conducive to authentic and mindful progress. Because of that, the below action items are by no means exhaustive. We are in process and plan to release a thorough detailing of our plans and processes within 8 weeks. What we are offering today is a glimpse into these plans, which we expect to grow, change and evolve. 

Magic welcomes conversation around these and future commitments. We understand that dialogue requires trust, and we hope that the actionable items detailed below are a starting point to reaffirm and build trust in our organization and with those we serve and support. We know we have a lot of work to do to become a fully anti-racist organization and welcome community input.  

Magic’s mission has been revised three times over the last decade and will continue to be revisited annually. Facing an upcoming leadership transition, in November 2019 and January 2020, Magic’s Board of Directors discussed and agreed unanimously that Magic’s current mission statement is still relevant and critical. Magic is devoted to the development of playwrights and artists and remains committed to “reflecting the diversity of the world in which we live.” That still holds especially true today. Magic plans to further develop its vision and values to reflect our commitment to anti-racism. 

– Magic’s board has eliminated a one-size fits all fiduciary requirement and will continue to consider all candidates regardless of financial capacity. The board is exploring new structures, resources and paths for recruitment to better diversify membership with a goal of increasing BIPOC and artistic representation. Anyone with interest in joining Magic’s board is encouraged to contact 

– Magic retains a small administrative staff in order to invest as many resources as possible into artist support and production development. Education credentials and explicit length of experience requirements will no longer be included in job postings. 
– Magic is fully invested in anti-racism work among its board, staff and audiences. Magic has formed an anti-racism committee with weekly meetings which includes volunteer, board and staff members.  
-Magic has pledged ongoing meaningful anti-racism training for its board, staff and each creative company. Some leadership and staff have already begun training. Full Board and staff training will occur before the end of the calendar year. Magic considers training in de-escalation, cultural competency and unconscious bias as part of comprehensive anti-racism training.  

– In the Fall of 2019, Magic began preparing for an AD leadership transition at the end of its 2020 season.Magic remains committed to generating a diverse pool of candidates. More details of the search and timeline will be available soon, but all interested parties are welcome to submit their interest to Magic is thrilled thatSonia Fernandez will serve as Interim Artistic Director as of September 1st.  

– As a nonprofit, the public has a right to know where our money goes. Alongside many other nonprofits, the last three years of Magic’s 990’s are available to the public on Guidestar. These, in addition to our audited financial reports and annual budget will be made available on our website before the end of the calendar year.

–  Magic prides itself on welcoming artists and community members into each production starting from the first day of rehearsal. This practice will continue with an emphasis on open dialogue on expectations, accommodations and allowances to create spaces that ensure all artists and creative members can work in an environment where their best work is supported -- this includes: 
-Creating comprehensive on-boarding procedures, including flexible training to better empower artists new to Magic, to be distributed to the next creative company. 
-Updating our handbook and policies to include a code of conduct through an anti-racist lens to be completed by the end of the calendar year. 
-Implementing an accountability system to better respond to incidents or concerns without fear of repercussions.  Community
-Magic will continue to seek and develop relationships and direct support for BIPOC organizations. For its 2020 gala, Magic has pledged 20% of its over-goal income to the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre.  
-Magic will continue itsBay Area community and education work through its partnership with Oakland’s Laney College and the Making Magic: Arts + Community programs. As we develop and expand existing programs, it is imperative that these programs remain flexible to best serve each community and organization. 

This moment is one full of potential for making real change. We intend to rise to the challenge.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our plans. 
John Marx Board Co-Chair
Kathryn Kersey Board Co-Chair
Loretta Greco Artistic Director
Sonia Fernandez Associate Artistic Director
Kevin Nelson Interim Managing Director

Magic's commitment to anti-racism


We are crushed by the senseless and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Tony McDade—and of the far too many black lives that have systemically been cut short over centuries, before them. We are a company dedicated to bold diverse and inclusive storytelling which engenders rigorous conversation and self examination, with the intention of growing social justice through community building, compassion and understanding. But in this moment pushing our culture forward with diverse and inclusive shared narratives is not enough. Rigorous conversation is not enough. Even Prayer is not enough.

Black Lives Matter.

The Magic Theatre family stands in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters who know far too well how long the arc of the moral universe is. We ask you to join us in taking action today.  Together let us lift our voices and galvanize our collective privilege, creativity and financial capacity—to work relentlessly towards finally delivering the promise of that arc towards justice for all. once and for all.

In Solidarity,
Loretta Greco, Artistic Director, Kevin Nelson, Interim Managing Director, John Marx, Co-chair and the Magic Staff and Board of trustees.

Suggested resources as to how you can make an impact:  
Black Trans Advocacy Coalition
Reclaim the Block
Campaign Zero
Communities United Against Police Brutality
Unicorn Riot
AntiPolice-Terror Project 
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Black Movement Law Project
Black and Brown Founders
Black Voters Matter
Life Comes From It

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