Loretta Greco

Ms. Greco is proud to have developed, premiered, and championed the country's most innovating and cutting-edge writers, including Taylor Mac, Mfoniso Udofia, Lloyd Suh, Luis Alfaro, John Kolvenbach, Jessica Hagedorn, Linda McLean, Han Ong, and Octavio Solis. Under her watch, twenty of the twenty-six world premieres produced here have gone onto have between two and seventy-one productions each throughout the country and beyond. Magic directing credits include the world premieres of Barbara Hammond’s Eva Trilogy, Ong’s Grandeur, Hagedorn’s Gangster of Love, Sharr White’s Annapurna, and Octavio Solis's Se Llama Cristina. She has also reimagined west coast premieres such as Sharr White’s The Other Place, Liz Duffy Adams’ Or,, and Theresa Rebeck's Mauritius, among many others.

At Magic, Greco is grateful for her longstanding collaborations with playwrights Sam Shepard, Luis Alfaro and Taylor Mac. Greco worked closely with Shepard on Magic’s five-year Bay Area Sheparding America series and directed the critically acclaimed legacy revivals of Buried Child and Fool for Love. She developed and directed the world premieres of Alfaro's Oedipus el Rey, Bruja, and This Golden State: Delano. She produced Taylor Mac's five-hour The Lily's Revenge, the world premiere of Hir, and Associate Produced the West Coast premiere (with Curran, Pomegranate Arts, and Stanford Live) A 24-Decade History of Popular Music. She has commissioned and will direct Mac's upcoming premiere, Joy and the Pandemic, for 2021.

Her New York directing credits include the premieres of: runboyrun and A Park in Our House at New York Theatre Workshop; The Story, Lackawanna Blues, and Two Sisters and a Piano at The Public Theater; Meshugah at Naked Angels: Mercy at The Vineyard; Under a Western Sky at INTAR; and Victoria Martin Math Team Queen, Touch, and Gumat Women’s Project. Her regional directing credits include; Sweat, The Realistic Joneses, Speed-the-Plow, and Blackbird at American Conservatory Theater; Life is a Dream at California Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet and Stop Kiss at Oregon Shakespeare Festival; and productions for McCarter Theatre, South Coast Repertory, Long Wharf, La Jolla Playhouse, Intiman Theatre, Williamstown, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Repertory Theatre of St Louis, Cincinnati Playhouse, and Playmakers Rep, among many others. Ms. Greco directed the National Tour of Emily Mann's Having Our Say, as well as the international premiere at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Off stage, Ms. Greco is dedicated to the Bay Area community and developing the next generation of theater leaders through Making Magic: Arts and Community, which includes a decade-long robust cross-curricular partnership with Oakland's Laney College, a season-long competitive professional apprenticeship program now in its twelfth year, and multi-generational residencies throughout San Francisco's underserved Tenderloin neighborhood focusing on legacy, literacy, and performance, now in its third year. Free Magic matinee performances can be seen at both Laney College and the Tenderloin Museum. With the generosity of developer Group i, Ms. Greco has acquired an additional flexible theater space for Magic to further serve the community due to open as part of 950-974 Market in July 2021.

More Far Apart ArT

Loretta Greco
Loretta Greco is celebrating her twelfth and final season as Magic Theatre’s sixth Artistic Director.

Mia Tagano
Actor Mia Tagano made her Magic debut in Every Five Minutes (2014).

Patrick Kelly Jones
Actor Patrick Kelly Jones’s Magic credits include Sister Play (2015) and Buried Child (2013).

Andrew Pastides
Actor Andrew Pastides’s Magic credits include Reel To Reel (2018), Fool For Love (2017), and Goldfish (2009).

Erik Flatmo
Scenic Designer Erik Flatmo’s Magic credits include runboyrun/Sojourners (2016), Bright Half Life (2015), Fred’s Diner (2015), Sister Play (2015), Arlington (2013), The Happy Ones (2013), An Accident (2010), Oedipus el Rey (2010), Evie’s Waltz (2008), Luminescence Dating (2006), The Hopper Collection (2005), and more.

Sango Tajima
Actor Sango Tajima joined the Magic family as 2012-2013’s Artistic Direction apprentice and has since participated in new play workshops.

Steven Anthony Jones
Actor Steven Anthony Jones made his Magic debut with In Old Age (2019).

Jessi Campbell
Actor Jessi Campbell's Magic credits include Fool for Love (2017), Sister Play (2015), Fred's Diner (2015), Lie of the Mind (2014), and And I And Silence (2014).

James Wagner
Actor James Wagner’s Magic credits include A Lie of the Mind (2015), Buried Child (2013), What We’re Up Against (2011), and Mauritius (2009).

Alex Jaeger
Costume Designer Alex Jaeger has designed 18 productions at Magic: The Eva Trilogy, Grandeur, Fred's Diner, A Lie of the Mind, Sister Play, This Golden State Part One: Delano, Buried Child, Every Five Minutes, Se Llama Cristina, Annapurna, Bruja, Or,, What We're Up Against, Oedipus el Rey, Morbidity and Mortality, Mauritius, Goldfish, and Mrs. Whitney.

Jed Parsario
Actor Jed Parsario’s Magic credits include The Gangster of Love (2018) and Dogeaters (2016).

Julia McNeal
Actor Julia McNeal’s Magic credits include Visible from Four States, The Eva Trilogy, Fred’s Diner, and A Lie of the Mind.

Rotimi Agbabiaka
Actor Rotimi Agbabiaka's Magic credits include Sojourners (2016) and runboyrun (2016).

Patrick Alparone
Actor Patrick Alparone’s Magic credits include The Gangster of Love (2018), The Baltimore Waltz (2017), A Lie of the Mind (2014), Every Five Minutes (2014), Buried Child (2013), Any Given Day (2012), Mrs. Whitney (2009), and Octopus (2008).

James Carpenter
Actor James Carpenter's Magic credits include NASSIM (2019), The Resting Place (2018), and Any Given Day (2012).

Wilma Bonet
Actor Wilma Bonet's Magic credits include Don't Eat the Mangos (2020), This Golden State Part One: Delano (2015), and Bruja (2012).

Amy Resnick
Actor and Director Amy Resnick's Magic credits include the world premiere productions of Claire Chafee's Why We Have a Body (1993) and Wendy MacLeod's House of Yes (1990).

Sarah Nina Hayon
Actor Sarah Nina Hayon's Magic credits include NASSIM (2019), This Golden State Part One: Delano (2015), and Se Llama Cristina (2013).

Esteban Carmona
Actor Esteban Carmona made his Magic debut in Oedipus el Rey (2019).

Jessica Holt
Director Jessica Holt's Magic directing credits include: The Resting Place, Bright Half Life, The Lily's Revenge, Why We Have a Body (Associate Director). Readings: The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later, Lonely Leela, Cow Play, Laura and the Sea, Another Kind of Silence, Human Animal, The Resting Place, The Four Corners

Safiya Fredericks
Actor Safiya Fredericks' Magic credits include Nassim (2019) and Grandeur (2017).

Amy Kossow
Actor and Director Amy Kossow's Magic credits include Any Given Day (2012) and The Lily's Revenge (2011).

David Mendizábal
Director David Mendizábal directed this season's world premiere production of Ricardo Pérez González's Don't Eat the Mangos.

Logan Ellis
Director and Producer Logan Ellis will direct next season’s world premiere production of The Broken Machine. He previously directed readings of Ivanka and The Firefly Project, served as an NNPN Producer in Residence, and was an apprentice at Magic.

Sabina Zuniga Varela
Actor Sabina Zuniga Varela made her Magic debut in the world premiere of Bruja (2012).

Yetta Gottesman
Actor Yetta Gottesman made her Magic debut in this season’s world premiere production of Ricardo Pérez González’s Don’t Eat the Mangos.

Hana Kim
Projection and Set Designer Hana Kim’s Magic credits include The Eva Trilogy (2018), The Gangster of Love (2018), Grandeur (2017), Dogeaters (2016), Every Five Minutes (2014), and The Other Place (2012).

Jomar Tagatac
Actor Jomar Tagatac’s Magic credits include Jesus in India (2012), The Happy Ones (2013), Every Five Minutes (2014), and Dogeaters (2016).

Jonathan Moscone
Jonathan Moscone's Magic directing credits include The Baltimore Waltz, The Happy Ones, The Pharmacist's Daughter, and Kingfish.

Zoë Winters
Actor Zoë Winters' Magic credits include Mauritius and Reel to Reel.

Paula Vogel
Playwright Paula Vogel's work at Magic includes the West Coast premieres of Baltimore Waltz (1992, legacy revival 2017) and The Long Christmas Ride Home (2006).

Miranda Rose Hall
Playwright Miranda Rose Hall joins the Magic family with next season’s world premiere production of The Kind Ones!

Joshua Harmon
Playwright Joshua Harmon joined the Magic family with the Bay Area premiere of Bad Jews (2014).

Nassim Soleimanpour
Playwright Nassim Soleimanpour joined the Magic family with this season’s NASSIM (2019).

Lloyd Suh
"Playwright Lloyd Suh's work at Magic includes The Chinese Lady (2019) and the world premiere productions of American Hwangap (2009) and Jesus in India (2012)."

Luis Alfaro
Playwright Luis Alfaro's work at Magic includes the world premiere productions of Oedipus el Rey (2010, 2019), Bruja (2012), and This Golden State Part One: Delano (2015).

Sean San Jose
Playwright Sean San José conceived of Pieces of the Quilt (1996).

Stephen Belber
Playwright Stephen Belber's work at Magic includes Tape (2002) and the world premiere production of Drifting Elegant (2004).

Nilo Cruz
Playwright Nilo Cruz's work at Magic includes the world premiere productions of Night Train to Bolina (1994), and A Park in Our House (1996).

Mfoniso Udofia
Playwright Mfoniso Udofia's work at Magic includes Sojourners (2016) and the world premiere productions of runboyrun (2016) and In Old Age (2019).

Sharr White
Playwright Sharr White's work at Magic includes the West Coast premiere of The Other Place (2012) and the world premiere of Annapurna (2011).

Claire Chafee
Playwright Claire Chafee's work at Magic includes the world premiere productions of Even Among These Rocks (1994), and Why We Have a Body (1993, 2012).

Victor Lodato
Playwright, Victor Lodato, joined the Magic family with the world premiere production of Arlington (2013).

Liz Duffy Adams
Playwright Liz Duffy Adams joined the Magic family with the West Coast premiere of Or, (2010).

Polly Pen
Composer Polly Pen's joined the Magic family with the world premiere production of Arlington (2013). For daily delivery straight to your inbox, email podcast@magictheatre.org.

Penelope Skinner
Playwright Penelope Skinner was in-residence at Magic for the American premiere of Fred's Diner (2015).

Ashlin Halfnight
Playwright Ashlin Halfnight joined the Magic family with the world premiere production of The Resting Place (2018).

Octavio Solis
Playwright Octavio Solis' work at Magic includes the world premiere productions of Man of the Flesh (1990), Prospect (1996), and Se Llama Cristina (2013).

Ricardo Pérez González
Most recent playwright to join the Magic family, with this season’s Magic world premiere, "Don't Eat the Mangos" (2020)

John Kolvenbach
"Reel to Reel" (2018), "Sister Play" (2015), "Goldfish" and "Mrs. Whitney" (2009).