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    1 Legacy Revival, 4 World Premieres!

    (Titles and dates are subject to change)

    Legacy Revival/Begins September 11
    by Sam Shepard
    directed by Loretta Greco

    Magic’s “Sheparding America” celebration continues with the revival of our homegrown, Pulitzer Prize-winning classic, Buried Child, directed by Loretta Greco. Yearning for the comfort of his idealized Midwestern roots, Vince returns to the family’s homestead to find a very different kind of inheritance — proving that there is, indeed, no place like home.
    Buried Child emerges as a play for the ages.”—The New York Times

    World Premiere/Begins November 13
    book and lyrics by Victor Lodato

    music by Polly Pen
    directed by Jackson Gay

    Lovely, upbeat Sara Jane is valiantly trying to keep it a sunny day as she waits on the home front for her husband Jerry. Though she believes in the cause, nothing has seemed quite right lately. There’s a lot to figure out, and it’s possible that singing through it all might help. Acclaimed playwright Victor Lodato and celebrated composer Polly Pen team up to bring us this eccentric and powerful story.

    An inaugural version of Arlington was commissioned and presented by PREMIERES in New York City, Paulette Haupt, Artistic Director.


    World Premiere/Begins January 29
    by Taylor Mac
    directed by Niegel Smith

    Newly enlightened Paige is determined to forge a deliriously liberated world for her two wayward children: Isaac, recently discharged from the army under dubious circumstances; and Max, tender, jaded, and sculpting a third-sex gender identity for hirself. Hailed as “one of this country’s most heroic and disarmingly funny playwrights” (American Theatre Magazine), Magic welcomes back renowned theatre artist Taylor Mac (The Lily’s Revenge) with this hilarious drama.

    World Premiere/Begins March 26
    by Linda McLean
    directed by Loretta Greco

    A simple homecoming dinner takes a fantastical turn as Mo slips into a dreamscape that even those closest to him can’t imagine. This theatrical odyssey examines the very real experience of trauma survived but not defeated. Can Mo’s friends offer enough emotional ballast to restore his sanctity of self? Deemed “a gritty, fiercely empathetic realist of great skill” (San Francisco Chronicle), Magic is thrilled to welcome back Scottish playwright Linda McLean (Any Given Day).

    World Premiere/Begins May 21
    by Christina Anderson
    directed by Ryan Guzzo Purcell

    1896: A father and son board a ship heading for Africa on a mysterious mission with an opinionated young woman. On the open sea, an unexpected detour resurrects family secrets and reveals true intentions, fundamentally changing the course of their journey and their lives forever. We are delighted to celebrate the return of playwright Christina Anderson, “whose work will be transforming America’s Stages for decades to come” (American Theatre Magazine) after her season as Magic’s 2011 Playwright in Residence.


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