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    The Bay’s Original Home for Visionary New Plays and Audiences

    (Titles and dates are subject to change)

    Fred’s Diner

    American Premiere/September 17 – October 5
    by Penelope Skinner
    directed by Loretta Greco

    On a busy UK motorway sits “Fred’s Diner,” a not-so-busy establishment with a secret beneath its cheerful veneer of 1950’s Americana. English playwright Penelope Skinner serves up a subtly plotted, blackly comic thriller that examines the darker reaches of class and sovereignty.

    “Fred’s ..draws you in with sharp, well-observed comedy…the various tensions gathering beneath its surface become thoroughly gripping ..”

    Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle
    “The play… crackles with sharp dialogue, an affecting contemporary story and multi-faceted characters.”

    Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner
    “Fred’s Diner is a kind of quirky joint … worth an outing.”
    “4.5 out of 5 stars – ‘Right on the Money’

    Clinton Stark, Stark Insider


    Bright Half Life

    West Coast Premiere/November 14 – Dec 6
    by Tanya Barfield 
    directed by Jessica Holt

    Tanya Barfield’s Bright Half Life briskly weaves a constantly-shifting present with fragments of the past in this timeless love story. Past, present and future exist in each moment as Erica and Vicky flash through 46 years of love and volatility, bliss and desolation, in a collection of the moments that make up a life.


    “Tanya Barfield’s new play Bright Half Life commences catapulting through a romance. Barfield’s fluid drama time-travels across a long-term relationship, fast-forwarding to its end and flashing back to its origins with few markers to divide scenes.”

    Tom Sellar, The Village Voice

    “In Tanya Barfield’s engaging new play… two attractive and articulate women meet at work in their twenties, date secretly, fall in love, have children, get married (when it becomes legal), fight a lot, split, and, separately, watch their kids grow up. This well-written portrayal of smart women finding, losing, and finding themselves and each other again is profound.”

    – The New Yorker



    Legacy Revival/February 3 – February 28
    by Jessica Hagedorn
    directed by Loretta Greco

    Magic Theatre literally transforms into Manila’s mythical Studio 54 – where you’ll find drag queens, beauty queens and movie stars alongside statesmen, activists and rebels. Welcome to the Philippines 1982 and Jessica Hagedorn’s no holds bar, Dogeaters. Explore the inner workings of power, culture clash, sex and celebrity as a country unravels at the end of the Marcos regime. Dogeaters isn’t just a play to watch, it’s an experience to remember.

    “It’s always a treat when sitting in the theater feels like travel, when the world onstage reaches out to include you, and suddenly you’re transported to another time and place. It’s even better when your destination is exotic, strange and specific: say, Manila, 1982.” 

    –Bruce Weber, NY TIMES

    “Putting history onstage is a huge undertaking, especially if it’s history that hasn’t yet been documented for generations of schoolchildren. Jessica Hagedorn painted a pastiche of colorful and violent history in her novel, then adapted it as a play, or, more concisely, a pageant.”

    –Madeleine Shaner, backstage


    – Spring Residency with Mfoniso Udofia –

    Mfoniso Udofia will be in residence at Magic Theatre during the Spring 2016, continuing her work on the epic nine-play Ufot Family Cycle of which Sojourners and runboyrun are a part. Throughout her residency, we will share with you the breadth of Mfoniso’s vision for this cycle, that encompassing the sweeping legacy of a Nigerian family’s triumphs and losses. Her lan- guage is ethereal and poetic, and her characters are rooted firmly in questions of circumstance. Mfoniso is one of theater’s brightest new voices, and we’re thrilled to be premiering these two incredible plays in repertory.


    West Coast Premiere/April12 – May 18
    by Mfoniso Udofia 

    Directed by Ryan Purcell

    Newlywed Abasiama has a plan: she will go to America with her husband to get an education, and then return home to join in Nigeria’s rebirth after the Civil War. But in a country where home, marriage, and love don’t mean what she expects, she finds her loyalties tested in the face of an impossible choice.


    World Premiere/April 28 – May 15
    written by Mfoniso Udofia

    It is thirty years later, and Abasiama is living in Worcester, Massachusetts with her husband. Their house is haunted… but only he can see the ghost. runboyrun is a reckoning that brings the shadows of an unspeakable past to a head-on collision with the cruel realities of the present.