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MAgic REmemberS Sam SHepard

“Sam changed the face of American theatre forever. With over 40 plays, he is our field’s most raucous trailblazer and the reason most of us make theatre. Actors KILL for the chance to play roles crafted by Sam – and we directors are humbled by the odyssey. Sam was my kind of writer: Primal. Restless. Rhythmic. And wickedly funny. He wanted us to feel his plays. He would say, when asked about the meaning of his work, that if he knew the answers he wouldn’t need to write anymore. Thankfully, he spent a lifetime digging at the mythic bones out back for hints of what it is to be human and we are all the richer for it. We will miss him dearly.”  
Loretta Greco, Artistic Director

"Sam's work is profound, iconic, and cuts to the quick. It will outlive us all. Yet his passing is a shock. It feels like punch in the gut that knocks the wind right out of me, much like his writing. Rest in peace, Sam." 
Chris Smith, Artistic Director (2003-2008)

"Sam Shepard’s relationship to the Magic Theatre now enters the history books side-by-side with Chekhov and the Moscow Art Theatre, O’Neill and the Provincetown Players, Odets and the Group Theatre. While in residence during the 1970s and early 80s, here in San Francisco, Sam bridged the gap between American realism and European absurdism with a voice that was all his own (and which spawned all too many imitators). When he returned in 2000 to direct his long simmering play The Late Henry Moss, San Francisco honored him as a hometown hero and the Magic confirmed its place as his historic home stage. One of the things I most admired about working with Sam was his insistence upon the primacy of the word. And his words will last, I trust, as long as there are actors and audiences."
Larry Eilenberg, Artistic Director (1992-1993 and 1998-2003) 

“Sam Shepard gave me my career.  His fateful decision to have his San Francisco actors from the premiere of Fool for Love at the Magic Theater perform the play at the Circle Rep in New York was a gift to all of those involved in the original production.  New York was rocked on its heels by the power of this seminal production, and Sam's vision for the play that he wrote and directed remained intact and in perfect synch with the times.  I loved Sam very much and my admiration for him is boundless.”
Kathy Baker (May in Fool for Love, 1983)

“We were always working in Sam Shepard’s shadow. Now that shadow is even larger.” - Playwright Octavio Solis“Sam has broken my heart open a thousand times. It's hard to say exactly what it is, but it's something about his endless searching, his insatiable hunger, his inner turmoil, his relentlessness... His broken men and broken-hearted women... His cowboys, his fathers, his dreamers, his lovers, his love for the open road... Nothing has taught me more about the beauty and the pain of being human. His work has transformed me again and again. He is my favorite. Always will be.”
Jessi Campbell (May in Fool for Love, 2017, and Beth in A Lie of the Mind, 2015)

“Working on Sam Shepard's plays at the Magic, have been the most rewarding and challenging theatrical experiences of my life. My brushes with him and his plays, have made me grapple with the best and the worst of myself. I feel really blessed to have crossed paths with him while working on The Late Henry Moss; and been lucky enough to be in the room and watch him do what he loved... Making theatre out of nothing but his own driven desire. Sam smiling and holding me by the shoulder as we toasted a whiskey to celebrate the wild ride was a moment I will always cherish. My condolences and warmest regards go out to his family,
during this time of loss.”
Rod Gnapp (The Old Man in Fool for Love, 2017, and Dodge in Buried Child, 2013)

“He made the world so real through his unreal way of approaching it - my whole head opened up seeing his play and I have never found anything that comes close to trying to show the world we live in as well as live theatre.”
Sean San José (Jake in A Lie of the Mind, 2015)

Shepard at Magic

La Turista (1970)

Two One Acts: Action and Killer’s Head (1975)

Angel City* (1976 + 1984)

Inacoma* (1977)

 Tongues* (with Joseph Chaikin) (1978+1994)

Buried Child* (1978 , 1985, 2013)

Suicide in B Flat (1978)

Savage/Love (with Joseph Chaikin)(1979 + 1994)

True West* (1980 + 1997)

 Seduced (1980)

Curse of the Starving Class (1981)

 Fool for Love* (1983, 1988, 2017)

 Superstitions:The Sad Lament of
Pecos Bill

When the World Was Green: A Chef’s Fable (with Joseph Chaikin) (1996)

Eyes For Consuela (1998)

The Late Henry Moss* (2000)

The God of Hell (2006)

A Lie of the Mind (2015)

*indicates World Premiere

Maps & Directions

Magic Theatre is located on the third floor of Building D of Fort Mason Center at the intersection of Marina Blvd. and Buchanan Street. The entrance to the parking lot is at the corner of Buchanan St. and Marina Blvd.

From the East Bay:

Take the Bay Bridge to Fremont Street Exit; on Fremont, take first right on Howard; turn a left on Embarcadero and go 2 miles; turn left on Bay and go 2 miles; turn right on Buchanan. Cross Marina Boulevard and turn sharp right into the Center.

From the North Bay:

Take Golden Gate Bridge (US 101) to the Marina Exit; Take Marina Boulevard for 1.5 miles to Buchanan and turn left into street entrance of Fort Mason Center. Turn a sharp right into the Center.

From the Peninsula/South Bay:

Take US 101 North to 9th Street Exit; from 9th Street across Market, turn left on Hayes; turn right on Franklin Street; turn left on Bay Street; turn right on Buchanan Street. Cross Marina Boulevard and sharp right into the Center.

Biking and Walking Directions

Live in the city and want to take your bike to Magic Theatre? Use Google Maps to figure out the ideal route from the starting place of your choice!

Public Transit

From BART:

From the Montgomery Street Station, catch Muni Bus #30 Stockton (check bus' terminal) along Third Street or Kearny; exit at corner of Chestnut and Laguna, and walk three blocks down Laguna towards the bay. Fort Mason Center is to your right.

Using Muni:

Fort Mason Center is most easily accessed using Muni lines #43 or #28. The #43 line terminates right in front of Fort Mason Center, and the #28 line stop at the intersection of Laguna and Lombard is a 10 minute walk away.

From the Muni Lines #10, #47 and #49, exit at the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Bay Street. Head west along Bay Street and turn right onto Laguna. Fort Mason Center will be to your right.

From Muni Line #22, exit at Bay Street. Walking east, turn left on Laguna. Fort Mason Center is to your right.

Helpful Links: Get real-time departure and arrival information for all San Francisco MUNI lines. Plan your trip with their robust public transit trip planner. Includes information on all MUNI, BART, and other public transportation lines within the San Francisco Bay Area.


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