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    Founded in 1967, Magic Theatre is dedicated to fostering ferociously courageous playwrights and producing explosive, entertaining and ideologically robust plays. Magic believes that demonstrating faith in a writer’s vision by providing a safe yet rigorous artistic home, where a full body of work can be imagined, supported, and produced, will enable those writers to thrive. Twenty-two of the last 25 plays developed and produced at Magic have enjoyed extended life in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, DC, Paris, Manila, and Seoul. Magic’s home-grown premieres –  Sharr White’s Annapurna and Polly Penn and Victor Lodato’s Arlington – will both be seen in New York this spring. Currently playing at Magic: the world premiere of Taylor Mac’s HIR. Next up: world premieres of Linda McLean’s Every Five Minutes and Christina Anderson’s pen/man/ship.


    Magic Theatre currently offers internships in Artistic Direction, Theatre Management, and Literary/New Play Production.

    A Magic Theatre internship is for you if you are planning a career in theatre and have an interest in new play production.  Magic Theatre interns participate in every aspect of operating a mid-sized theatre company, from full participation in staff meetings and strategy discussions to sharing in everyday administrative and production tasks, contributing to both short- and long-term organizational endeavors.  Interns receive hands-on training and experience while working side-by-side with top theatre professionals.  The internship will be a rich, career-building experience, which will strengthen both your craft and your resume.

    All Magic interns have the opportunity to forge unique relationships with the playwrights we support in residence.

    Interns will work primarily in their own departments and may be asked to work on special projects with other departments.

    All internships at Magic Theatre offer the possibility of future transition to paid positions.

    General Requirements

    Magic Theatre internships are full-season positions.  Internships for the 2014-15 Season will begin in August 2014 (specific date to be determined) and end on June 30, 2015.  They are full-time positions that occasionally require substantial weekend and evening time, especially during productions.  Some flexibility may be possible (to be arranged with the intern’s department head).

    Applicants must be at least 18 years old and must be able to drive; access to a car is a strong plus.  For all interns, good writing skills and computer competence (word processing and spreadsheets) are required.  Interns must be able to thrive in a work environment that is characterized by changing priorities and demands. IT, internet, and video skills are an asset.

    Interns receive a small stipend ($100 per month for 10 months).  When intern assignments permit, there may be opportunities to augment income with evening and weekend front-of-house assignments. Housing is not provided nor arranged.

    Specific requirements for individual internships are indicated in the descriptions of those positions.

    To Apply

    Please submit the following:

    • Personal Statement

    This statement should be 500 words or less.  Please identify the position for which you are applying and tell us how you heard about Magic.  Then tell us what you think we should know about you that makes you the ideal candidate for this internship.  Take advantage of this opportunity to reveal information about yourself that may not be represented in your resume or recommendations.

    • Resume

    A resume of education, theatre training and experience, and any related work.  Please include your email address and permanent contact information.  Be sure we know where to find you during the summer months.

    • References

    Please send us one letter of recommendation. It is preferred that this letter be included with your application materials.  If it is submitted separately, it must still be received by the application deadline.

    Please also send names of and contact information for two personal references.

    • Additional Materials

    While we know that many writers in dramaturgy, literary management, and theatre in general are also artists in their own right, for positions that request writing samples we ask that you submit samples of non-fiction prose.  Appropriate samples could be (excerpts from) a college essay, theatre program notes, or journalism.  Please emphasize quality, not quantity.

    For the Artistic Direction Apprenticeship:  Please include a two-page writing sample.

    For the Literary Management/New Play Production Internship:  Please include two writing samples with your application. One of your submissions should be a one- to two-page critique of a play.  The other should be a two- to three-page review, work of literary criticism, or essay that demonstrates your writing and thinking skills about a work of art.

    For the Theatre Management Internship: Please include two writing samples with your application.  One should be a persuasive argument of approximately two pages, intended to tell a story or make a case (e.g., for making a donation to Magic Theatre). The other should be up to two pages, chosen by the applicant.

    We will not consider incomplete applications for any position.

    Finalists will be interviewed.

    Submitting Your Application:

    Applications should be submitted by e-mail.  Please create a single pdf file with all of your application materials and send it to:


    Please include the position title in the subject line.

    The final date for all materials to be received is March 31, 2014.  Invitations to be interviewed will be sent no later than April 15, 2014.

    Applications will be considered as they are submitted, and acceptances may be offered prior to the submittal deadline.


    In Their Own Words – Magic Theatre Interns:

    “The advantages of a Magic internship are the advantages of the Magic itself. It’s a chance to be involved in a very high level of theatre in a very intimate space. And you will actually be involved in a meaningful way.

    Loretta possesses the rare (if not physically impossible) trifecta of theatrical genius, political skill, and a good heart. If you’ve worked in theatre, you’ve seen how difficult it is for a person gifted with any two of these to cultivate the third. A Magic internship will teach you where your weaknesses are and, if you’re willing, how to make them your strengths.”
    Sydney Painter, Artistic Direction Apprentice, 2012-13

    “The Artistic Direction Apprenticeship is a full throttle experience in the operations of Loretta Greco, Magic Theatre, and American new play production. It is not an academic program, but rather a professional test of endurance and adaptability. It is unquestionably the most rewarding position that I have held in any theatre.”
    Logan Ellis, Artistic Direction Apprentice, 2011-12
    Freelance Theater Maker, San Francisco

    “My year at Magic was one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences in my life as an artist. I learned so much from Loretta and everyone at Magic, and I think I gained the skills I need to have a long career in the American theatre.”
    Ryan Purcell, Associate Artistic Director, Magic Theatre
    Artistic Direction Apprentice, 2009-10
    Brown University, MFA in Theatre and Performance Studies