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Design Competition
50 years of magic

Design Competion

50 Years of Magic

Now in its 50th year of continuous operation, Magic Theatre is dedicated to creative risk: we cultivate new plays, playwrights, and audiences and produce bold, entertaining, and ideologically robust plays that ask substantive questions about, and reflect the rich diversity of, the world in which we live. Magic believes that demonstrating faith in a writer’s vision by providing a safe, rigorous, and innovative artistic home, where a full body of work can be imagined, developed, and produced, allows writers to thrive. We believe that, by adding vanguard voices to the canon and expanding access to new theater-goers, we ensure the future vibrancy of the American theatre.

Magic seeks a milestone logo to celebrate our 50th anniversary. The milestone indication should be designed for use in conjunction with our standard logo, and will be used on letterhead, posters, and all other advertising materials between March 2017 and June 2018.

A vector file of the existing Magic logo may be downloaded here.

Prize: The winner of the design competition will receive two tickets to each or the two remaining Magic productions during the current season and two tickets for the full 2017-18 season (total value of $800). Each ticket will be accompanied by a coupon good for one drink.

Runners-up will receive two tickets (with drink coupons) to the two remaining productions of the 2016-17 season.


To enter: send a file of your original design, in either Vector pdf format or format, to:

Jaimie Mayer, Managing Director:

Questions? Call 415.441.8822 or send an email to: