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Magic Theatre is holding 2018-2019 AEA auditions for:

written by Ashlin Halfnight
directed by Jessica Holt

Monday May 14th
 10am - 1pm and 2-5pm

First Rehearsal: September 18, 2018
Opening: October 17, 2018
Closing: November 4, 2018

THE RESTING PLACE  is a provocative and intense look at an American family in a cloudburst of crisis - it's a hell of a ride, filled with raw humor, penetrating darkness, and fierce love. Ashlin Halfnight (Magic Virgin Play Festival 2017) addresses familial obligation, guilt, our own complacency and culpability in wrongdoing and asks, how do we reconcile our love for someone with the knowledge of their horrifying transgression? 

ANNIE (F, 37):  Intense, a warrior. She is angular, but winning and deeply empathetic. Stubborn to a fault. Loves her family deeply. Works for a Green Initiative Company, a wife and mother.  Lives in San Francisco.

ANGELA (F, 60s): The mother of the family. Permed, put together, witty, reserved and tightly wound, and fighting hard to be ok.

MITCH (M, late 60s, early 70s): The father of the family - big hands, heavy feet, kind heart. He carries the weight of the family on his shoulders.

MACY (F, 33): Annie's sister. Full of energy, quick with judgement, leans forward. Pragmatic and realistic. Political campaign manager. Lives in New York.

LIAM (M, late 30s-early 40s): Travis's ex-partner, shy, bewildered, believer, hopeful. Loved Travis deeply.

CHARLES (M, 19): One of Travis's victims. Still traumatized from the abuse but working hard to put his life back together. Respectful and resilient.

with your headshot and resume to reserve a time slot.
(As confirmation of your time slot, you will be sent appropriate sides to bring to the audition) 

Actors of all ethnicities and types encouraged to apply. Strong preference for Bay Area actors.  3M, 3 F.

Auditions will take place in Magic’s Lounge:           
Fort Mason Center
          2 Marina Blvd. Building D, 3rd Floor
          San Francisco, CA

Please note that due to our AEA contract, we only have a limited number of roles available for non-AEA actors.

Audition Policy

Magic Theatre casts both Equity and non-Equity actors. In accordance with the Bay Area Theatre Contract Tier 4, Magic Theatre holds two Equity-only auditions for specific shows each year. These are on the Equity hotline at least three weeks prior to the audition and posted in the AEA office. Equity actors self-select for these auditions.

Magic Theatre holds one open call general audition per season, typically in April or May.
We do encourage headshot/resume submissions (to our email) from both Equity and non-Equity throughout the year and which can result in an invitation to audition for a specific show.

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.