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Education + Community Outreach
Laney Program

Education + Community Outreach

Magic Theatre believes in investing in young artists. Through our education and community outreach programs students are invited into Magic’s creative process of cultivate new plays, playwrights and audiences. Students work with professional actors, designers, and directors to produce bold, entertaining, and ideologically robust plays that ask substantive questions about the world in which we live.

Through our long time partnership with Laney College, students are invited into the exclusive First Day table read event, while also having performances brought directly to them… Learn more about the Laney College Program here and also ways to support this special opportunity for the next generation!

Magic’s Apprenticeship program involves young professionals from across the country and gives them the opportunity to work side by side with legendary theatre professionals while also gaining valuable industry experience. Learn more about the Apprenticeship Program here and also ways to support these young artists.

Apprenticeships and Internships at Magic Theatre

Now in its 51st year of continuous operation, Magic Theatre is dedicated to creative risk: we cultivate new plays, playwrights, and audiences and produce bold, entertaining, and ideologically robust plays that ask substantive questions about, and reflect the rich diversity of, the world in which we live. Magic believes that demonstrating faith in a writer’s vision by providing a safe, rigorous, and innovative artistic home, where a full body of work can be imagined, developed, and produced, allows writers to thrive. We believe that, by adding vanguard voices to the canon and expanding access to new theater-goers, we ensure the future vibrancy of the American theatre.


Magic Theatre currently offers full-season apprenticeships in Artistic Direction, Literary/New Play Production, Theatre Management, and Production, and internships in Marketing and Development, Special Events, and Educational Outreach. These apprenticeships and internships will begin in mid-August 2018 and continue through June 2019.

Magic also offers summer internships (June through August).

A Magic Theatre apprenticeship is for you if you are planning a career in theatre and have an interest in new play development and production. Magic Theatre apprentices and interns participate in every aspect of operating a mid-sized theatre company, from full participation in staff meetings and strategy discussions to sharing in everyday administrative and production tasks, fund-raising, and script reading, contributing to both short- and long-term organizational endeavors. Apprentices receive hands-on training and experience while working side-by-side with top theatre professionals. The apprenticeship will be a rich, career-building experience, which will strengthen your craft, your resume and your network of professional colleagues.

All Magic apprentices have the opportunity to forge unique relationships with the playwrights we support in residence.

Full-season apprentices and interns will work primarily in their own departments and participate in all-staff events, and may be asked to work on special projects with other departments. Summer interns will work with every department. While Magic is dark in the summer, every department has demands that must be met so that we continue to operate smoothly and are ready for the coming season. For both full-season and summer positions, we are looking for people who are full team players and thrive in a collaborative environment.

All apprenticeships and internships at Magic Theatre offer the possibility of future transition to paid positions. To date, five apprentices/interns have moved into staff positions and seven have been hired to helm artistic workshops and readings.

General Requirements 

Magic Theatre full-season apprenticeships and internships will begin in August 2018 (specific date to be determined) and end by June 30, 2019. They are full-time positions that occasionally require substantial weekend and evening time, especially during productions. Some flexibility may be possible (to be arranged with the apprentice’s or intern’s department head).

Applicants for all positions must be at least 18 years old. Social networking, IT, internet, and video skills are strong assets. For all positions, good writing skills and computer competence (word processing and spreadsheets) are required. Apprentices and interns must be able to thrive in a work environment that is characterized by changing priorities and demands. 

Apprentices and interns receive a small stipend ($250 per month for 10 months for apprentices, $125 per month for interns). Opportunities to augment income with evening and weekend front-of-house assignments may be arranged for those with financial need if work assignments permit. Housing is not provided nor arranged. Magic will pursue supplemental financial support for superior applicants who would otherwise be unable to pursue these positions, but support cannot be guaranteed.

Specific requirements for individual apprenticeships are indicated in the descriptions of those positions.

To Apply

Please submit the following:

Personal Statement: This statement should be 500 words or less. Please identify the position for which you are applying and tell us how you heard about Magic. Then tell us what you think we should know about you that makes you the ideal candidate for this position. Take advantage of this opportunity to reveal information about yourself that may not be represented in your resume or recommendations.

Resume: A resume of education, theatre training and experience, and any related work. Please include your email address and permanent contact information. Be sure we know where to find you during the summer months.

References: Please send us one letter of recommendation. It is preferred that this letter be included with your application materials. If it is submitted separately, it must still be received by the application deadline.

Please also send names of and contact information for two personal references.

Additional Materials: While we know that many writers in dramaturgy, literary management, and theatre in general are also artists in their own right, for positions that request writing samples we ask that you submit samples of non-fiction prose. Appropriate samples could be (excerpts from) a college essay, theatre program notes, or journalism. Please emphasize quality, not quantity.

For the Artistic Direction Apprenticeship: Please include a two-page writing sample.

For the Literary/New Play Production Apprenticeship: Please include a one- to two-page critique of a new play (one that Magic staff are unlikely to have seen). For the Production Apprenticeship: Please provide a package of what you believe to be pertinent representations of your work (e.g., drafting or design work).

For the Marketing and Development Intern: Please include a one- to two-page writing sample.

Submitting Your Application:

Applications should be submitted by e-mail. Please create a single pdf file with all of your application materials and send it to:

Please include the position title in the subject line.

We will not consider incomplete applications for any position.

Finalists will be interviewed.

The final date for all materials to be received is February 18, 2018. Invitations to be interviewed will be sent no later than February 26, 2018. 

Applications will be considered as they are submitted, and acceptances may be offered prior to the submittal deadline.


Partnership with Laney College

The partnership with the Laney College Theatre Arts Department/Fusion Theatre Project is multi-faceted. Students are invited to special events at Magic Theatre, including each production’s First Rehearsal and Opening Night, which are unique opportunities to network and learn from professional theatre artists. Students are also invited to view the production/rehearsal process during tech week, where they can talk to the designers about producing a show. Magic playwrights visit the students in class and lead a process-based playwriting workshop, where students learn about playwriting and get deeper insight into the artist's’ work. Magic Theatre then brings each of our shows to Laney College’s theatre located in downtown Oakland for a free public performance for students and the Oakland community, providing more access to our work. Finally, students are invited to apply for our competitive Apprentice program; a number of Laney students have gone through the program before beginning successful careers in theatre.

Events Laney Students Join Us For Include

First rehearsal

Playwright workshop

Tech Rehearsal

Opening Night

Performance at Laney

Hear From a Former Laney Program Student, our Development Associate, Leigh Rondon-Davis

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to move through all parts of the Laney program. The first production I saw at Magic was the opening night of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child in 2013, and I was astounded by the artistry. I knew after that performance, I needed to be a part of Magic; I attended the rest of the Opening Nights of the season and got a sneak peek behind the scenes at Tech Rehearsals. For me, one of the most invaluable experiences of the Laney/Magic partnership was the playwright workshops where award-winning playwrights came and spoke to our Script Analysis class about their process and the work. Later that season, I started volunteering, leading talkbacks for high school and college students. I was then invited to join the Magic staff as the Development Intern; and was accepted as the Literary Apprentice for the 2015-16 Season.

Working for Magic has been one of the most career-affirming experiences of my life. I’ve worked with and learned from some of the most talented artists and designers in the world, which has advanced my career and skills in ways I could have never imagined. Many of my Laney peers have gone through the partnership program at Magic and have gone on to professional careers on stage and in production, including some dear friends who were cast in This Golden State by Luis Alfaro in 2015 and Sojourners by Mfoniso Udofia in in 2016.

I now work professionally at a number of Bay Area theatres, including Magic, as the Development Associate, and know I would not be where I am today without the opportunities afforded to me through the Laney Program.