Virgin Play Festival is in Full Swing

Sonia Fernandez
Virgin Play Series
Jan 22, 2018
‍Sarah Nina Hayon, Luis Alfaro, Wilma Bonet, Carla Gallardo, Sean San José, Rod Gnapp, BIll Rauch, and Ogie Zulueta

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

I'm talking about our Virgin Play Festival, of course.

There's nothing like nine playwrights coming to Magic to work at various stages of their play development. Lloyd Suh was writing something brand new and worked with a couple actors on it. Jessica Hagedorn (Dogeaters) and Mfoniso Udofia (Sojourners and runboyrun) were here last week doing workshops of their plays in preparation for upcoming Magic productions. Luis Alfaro is in the lounge with OSF's Bill Rauch and bunch of actors,  (photo above) reading new pages of the second part of his trilogy This Golden State. Taylor Mac is also here now working on a second draft of a Moliere adaptation (photo below). And Joshua Harmon just came into town yesterday to write.

‍Clockwise from left: Lawrence Radecker, Taylor Mac, Rafael Jordan, Shirley Fishman, Luisa Frasconi, Rami Margron, Mark Anderson Phillips and Loretta Greco

And then there are our public readings! Some lucky audience members got to see Han Ong's Grandeur, a beautifully profound and mysterious look at Gil Scott-Heron in 2010 on Sunday. Today we continue our public offerings with back to back readings of new plays by Liz Duffy Adams:

Tomorrow we have another double header of Linda McLean's plays Ctrl Z and The Shadow Do. Stay tuned!

Sonia Fernandez

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