Things I Learned on Opening Night of Fred's Diner

Sonia Fernandez
Opening Night
Jan 22, 2018

We opened Fred's last week. Don't miss it! It closes a week from Sunday!

Here are a few things I learned on Opening Night:

  1. ‍The Mexican Museum is awesome, we had our pre-party there. Special thanks to Mela (pictured below). I plan to go back down there and buy a colorful tortilla holder.
  2. ‍Penelope Skinner is not only smart, talented, sweet and funny but incredibly photogenic (see evidence below). And she has cool shoes.
  3. Magic staff cleans up nice. And Associate Directing Apprentice Lily Sorenson is a ham.
‍Mela from the Mexican Museum
‍Lily Sorenson tending the pre-party bar
‍Me and Penelope being silly
‍Which of these two women is our Artistic Director?
‍Loretta thanks all the wonderful artists who worked on the show!
‍A toast to Penelope
Sonia Fernandez

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