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runboyrun rehearsals are up and running

Sonia Fernandez
Behind the Scenes
Jan 22, 2018

First day of rehearsals comes round Magic once again. This time there is a little déjà vu, since we just had one last week. runboyrun, our second play (the third in the Ufot cycle) from Mfoniso Udofia, our playwright in residence extraordinaire, began rehearsals yesterday.

‍Left to right: Adrian Roberts (Nsikan Disciple Ufot), Rotimi Agbabiaka (Boy), Leigh Rondon-Davis (Assistant Director), Sean San Jose (Director), Mfoniso Udofia (Playwright), Katherine Turner (Sister), Rafael Jordan (Ben.Gun.), and Omoze Idehenre (Abasiama).
‍Cast, creative team, staff  and visitors applaud after the first read of runboyrun.
Sonia Fernandez

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