Plays for Days: An Introduction to Magic's Literary Committee by Leigh Rondon-Davis

Sonia Fernandez
Literary Committee
Jan 22, 2018
‍Leigh Rondon-Davis, Literary Apprentice, reading Magic play submissions.

Have you ever wondered how Magic finds the new plays we produce? 

Magic receives several hundred play submissions each season. Local playwrights can submit their work directly; others can send their work through an agent. Our esteemed Literary Committee (affectionately called LitCom) is crucial in helping us read and evaluate these plays. LitCom meets every two weeks to discuss a rotating selection of plays. Every play is read at least twice by LitCom members and/or Magic staff. We give each play careful consideration because we know how much care and hard work goes into creating each piece. While we can’t produce every play that we read, we appreciate every submission we receive.

Ingredients for a successful Literary Committee Meeting:

  • Coffee. Lots of it.
  • An exciting assortment of bagels from Noah’s.
  • A solid shmear or two. (Onion & Chive is a no-go. The jury’s still out on blueberry.)
  • More coffee.
  • Wonderful and dedicated members (whom I fondly refer to as ‘LitCommies’).
  • Spirited discussion
  • Somewhere between 10 and 20 plays by playwrights from all over the world.

We, at LitCom, are recent grads, students, writers, professors, artists, parents, and actors. Some members are brand new this season (welcome Wanda McCaddon, MJ Roberts and Patricia Reynoso!) and some are decades-long veterans of LitCom (shout out to Arthur Roth!). We often disagree, but we also come together over our favorite plays of the week, and then we do it all over again two weeks later. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with my fellow LitCommies, and I deeply appreciate all of their hard work.

Let's read more plays!

Leigh Rondon-Davis started working for Magic last season as the Special Events and Development Intern and is so excited to be back as the Literary Apprentice.  She attended Wellesley and Laney College and was a member of the Fusion Theatre Project.

Sonia Fernandez

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