Meet THE RESTING PLACE Cast: Martha Brigham

Samuel Levit
Behind the Scenes
Oct 21, 2018

Martha Brigham shares her perspective on THE RESTING PLACE and tells us how she got into acting.

Can you tell us a little about your character? What do you think is their best quality? Worst?

My character is Annie.  She's a warrior, she's able to stand up and fight for what she believes in, all while having an empathetic and compassionate heart. I love that about her, and also relate to her in that way. But, sometimes that can also be a flaw. Standing up for what you believe in is important, but the resistance to listening to others and their beliefs, whilst following through with yours, can eventually get in the way and blind you to a fault.

Martha relaxing with director Jessica Holt's dog. Photo by Jorden Charley-Whatley (?)

How did you get into acting - what was your first gig?

I've been going to acting classes since I was six years old.  I bothered my mom and dad enough that they finally let me study theatre! I danced from 5-14 years old, and played violin, guitar, piano for a long time as well, so we were definitely a family that involved ourselves in the arts. Massachusetts and Cape Cod specifically were wonderful places to experience the theatre world as a youngster. I worked at community theatres in middle school and high school. And my first paid gig was a PBS documentary about the history of Cape Cod's Summer Stock when I was about sixteen.

What have you seen/read (shows, concerts, movies, books, art) lately that really spoke to you or changed you?

I've just finished "Tell me how it ends" by Valeria Luiselli.  It's an eye-opening, truth seeking book about the children crossing the US-Mexican border and their fate once they arrive, or worse, what happens when they don't.  Also a big poetry fan and currently reading "The Carrying" by Ada Limón. And "This will be my undoing" by Morgan Jerkins, essays and conversation that need to exist, all the time, but especially now living in this world.

Martha as Amy and Grace Ng as Ester in Shotgun Players' DRY LAND by Ruby Rea Spiegel, 2018. Photo by Ben Krantz Studio.

Ashlin’s been working to develop this script with the entire team. What has it been like to have him in the room while you're working?

Having Ashlin in the room with us has been more than amazing and as much as we adore this play, he is very interested in hearing the questions, the little things we perhaps are unclear about. We don't usually have that opportunity unless it's a world premiere. The fact that we can ask him, or relate with him on the character we're playing is such a gift.

Samuel Levit

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