Meet the ESCAPED ALONE Cast: Julia McNeal

Abigail Rosen
Behind the Scenes
Nov 6, 2020

An interview with Julia McNeal about Mrs. J from Escaped Alone.

Streaming until November 15th.

What would you do if you knew the world was ending tomorrow?

I'd find people to be with - loved ones or strangers, hold hands (if we could) and tell each other stories about what has meant the most to us in our lives here.

What was your favorite moment from Escaped Alone process (workshop/rehearsal/recording)?

Being in Jake’s backyard with everyone in person…and how fully we were enjoying and listening to ourselves and each other.

What was the most challenging part of the process?

The Mrs. J Monologues of Doom – Wow, working on those: On my own (memorizing aloud in my backyard, hoping the neighbors did not become alarmed) and rehearsing with Loretta and with the amazing Jessica Berman to finally arrive at a kind of simplicity of saying was a huge challenge. One I am so grateful for. And, doing all of this while hearing some scarily parallel realities on the radio… was, you know, profound.

What do you think Escaped Alone says to this moment?

We’re in a very scary moment in the Universe right now. And nothing takes the place of time Together. In fact, maybe the best thing we can do is 1) wake up and 2) share that. Years of knowing one another, and staying close, yields the reward of our humanity’s capacity to heal all things. It’s unnameable, that thing. And it’s real. We all need it. When we make time to hang out together, easily, often, and without agenda, trust happens and joy ensues, no matter what may be lurking underneath.

Oh, and Women, especially Women of a certain age…hold the keys to our human evolution. We should listen to them.

Abigail Rosen

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