Meet the DON'T EAT THE MANGOS Cast: Julian López-Morillas

Hunter Nelson
Behind the Scenes
Mar 27, 2020
Can you tell us a little about your character? What do you think is their best quality? Worst?

Papi doesn't really have a best quality. He's querulous, demanding, frightened, hypocritical, disgusting to look at and listen to, sanctimonious, and morally compromised. Apart from that, he's really not such a bad fellow.

What is your favorite line in Don't Eat the Mangos (it doesn’t have to be yours)?

My favorite line is probably Ismelda's "la mierda de la crica de tu madre," but I don't think you can print that. My second favorite is probably Yiyi's "I still pee a little when I sneeze."

How did you get into acting - what was your first gig?

My parents started taking me to Shakespeare productions when I was about ten and I got bitten by the bug. I started doing summer Shakespeare festivals when I was nineteen.

Yetta Gottesman (Ismelda) and López-Morillas (Papi) in Don't Eat the Mangos. Photo Credit: Jennifer Reiley.
What’s the performance you’re proudest of in your career so far, and what roles would you like to perform in the future?

Cardinal Wolsey in Henry the Eighth, because with that show (in 2008) I completed the canon: I'd acted professionally in every play of Shakespeare's.

Do you have any funny or exciting stories from previous productions? Goofs, triumphs, unexpected connections?

I've done four shows for the Magic, spread over 42 years and four different artistic directors. I've seen so many changes in Bay Area theatre over that time, it really seems like a different world.

If you weren't an actor, what other job would you have?

Probably an archaeologist or an orchestra conductor.

Hunter Nelson

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