Meet THE RESTING PLACE Cast: Emilie Talbot

Samuel Levit
Behind the Scenes
Oct 5, 2018

Emilie Talbot shares her thoughts about the challenges and joys of her character, as well as her inspirations and aspirations.

Can you tell us a little about your character? What do you think is their best quality? Worst?

Fierce, fierce love. Loves hard and deep. Wicked, sly sense of humor, and uses it like a grenade. But she lets herself push things away. Keeps the hard questions to herself and pushes the hard fights away - not afraid to fight, but is maybe too selective in her battles.

What do you anticipate being the most challenging part of your journey towards performance, and which parts do you look forward to?

The hard work for me right now is finding and embodying all of Angela’s layers. She is a very, very complex woman with a huge range of conflicting feelings, ideas, coping mechanisms, and grief. All of which are heavily marinated in alcohol.... yowza! That is also the part I love the most. The more complex, the more fun: the more fierce, the better.

From left to right: James Carpenter (Mitch), Emilie Talbot (Angela), Martha Brigham (Annie), Emily Radosevich (Macy). Photo Credit: Jorden Charley-Whatley

Ashlin took inspiration from many places writing this play: the news cycle; poetry; the works of a Canadian Landscape painter; and ancient Greek tragedy. How have these inspirations affected your process?

I tend to work with sense layers - so the paintings and images help to ground ideas in a feeling, especially in combination with my own findings. Poetry as well helps to layer in deep feelings. Knowing the connection to Antigone helps with larger idea patterns.

What’s the performance you’re proudest of in your career so far, and what roles would you like to perform in the future?

Hell, I can never answer these.... I played Andromache in an adaptation of TROJAN WOMEN by Ellen McLaughlin, directed by Barbara Oliver. That role changed me forever as an actor. Although I have always been able and willing to go deep, that role called me to a place I hope I never have to go to in life, but going there changed me. Future Roles? I keep my list private, but I think I am ready to play Martha in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. Been waiting on her since I was 22....

And lastly, how did you get into acting?

When I was 6 I played Gretel in a production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The monster was unleashed. Been onstage ever  since.  

Samuel Levit

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