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Ciera Eis
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Apr 25, 2018

Actor, Lawrence Radecker, talks about his past work with Jessica Hagedorn, and the challenges of playing three completely different characters.

How did you get into acting?

My first play was "The Breaking of Bread" in the 8th grade. My brother directed me in this short play about a Union soldier and Confederate soldier who agree to cease shooting at each other and share a loaf of bread. I was hooked!

You’ve worked with Jessica Hagedorn before. What do you like about Jessica’s work?

Jessica's writing is a dream for me as an actor. Her work has a natural rhythm while at the same time being extremely poetic. Her words are easy to memorize because they fit well in my mouth.

Jessica Hadedorn's "Dogeaters" (Magic, 2016). dir. Loretta Greco. Lawrence Radecker (Rainer Fassbinder). Photo: Jennifer Reiley.
What is your favorite line in The Gangster of Love?

One of my favorite lines is what Declan Wolf says about fascism. "It's like a cockroach, you can't dabble in it, you can't avoid it, you can't forget it exits, you can't be timid and let that fucking cockroach get away, you have to act fast, kill on sight even if it means using your bare hands or feet."

What do you anticipate being the most challenging part of your journey towards performance, and which parts do you look forward to?

The most challenging part of my journey is moving between three very different characters: Fatima O'Brien, a trans woman trying to make a living on the streets, Rick Foss, a conservative Wells Fargo banker and Declan Wolf, a famous writer and mentor to the play's main character. The most difficult parts will be the transitions from character to character which literally happen on stage in front of the audience. I look forward to digging deep inside these three very different roles.

Golda Sargento, Sarah Nina Hayon, Lawrence Radecker, Michaela Byrne. "The Gangster of Love" First Day. Photo: Sonia Fernandez.
Ciera Eis

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