Meet our runboyrun team: Omoze Idehenre

Sonia Fernandez
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Jan 22, 2018

Welcome Omoze Idehenre for our mini-interview. She plays Abasiama in runboyrun. 

What excited you the most about runboyrun? What drew you to participate?

I've known Mfoniso for a while now. We both graduated from ACT 09 and 10. When I saw a reading of her work I was delighted to finally hear a story like runboyrun being told in a space that tends to focus a lot on Western Theater and playwrights. It was a potent relieve. At the same time it was horrifying to watch because the story and characters are very familiar and specific. The story had a bit of a polarizing affect on me and that immediately snatched me.

If you could play any role in any production, what would you choose?

Anita. West Side Story. Why? The choreography and that legendary purple dress. The choreography is  legendary but that purple dress is everything.

There are lots of mentions of food in both of these plays. What's your favorite Nigerian dish?

Okra stew! Red Sauce and goat meat and rice! Plantains and greens! Fufu (made with plantain flour, though)!

Sonia Fernandez

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