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Adam Levonian
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Jan 22, 2018

The day after Fool for Love's opening night, assistant director Corinne Hastings sat down with us to reflect on the process.

harlot/nun (Britomartis 2012). Britomartis Devised Theatre Ensemble (Corinne Hastings on block). Photo: Cella Garrity.
What sort of theatrical work do you most like to help to the stage?

I've worked a lot on devised pieces and dance, so I love really physical theater. But I'm always grabbed by great writing, especially pieces reaching for human truth without relying on naturalism. I love some good surreality. 

Fool for Love (Magic Theatre 2017) Opening Night Reception. Liam Collier and Corinne Hastings. Photo: Megan Gray.

What are you most looking forward to about this production?

Well, now that the show's open, I'm looking forward to audience reaction. There's something about this play that grabs people deep down, "grabs them by the balls" as Loretta would say, and so the reaction begins in your gut before you can even begin to intellectualize it. I feel it every time I watch the final sequence and let the Old Man's last words really land on me. It's primal.

What is your favorite line or moment in Fool for Love?

"Rich pussy. Very clean."

Do you remember your first experience at the theater? What was the show? or, What was the first show you worked on?

My high school's production of Goodbye My Fancy. I was on stage crew. All I remember is painting fake flowery wallpaper on flats for hours. I've tried to work on more memorable productions since.

Anything can happen with live performance, do you have a funny moment/embarrassing memory to share?

When I was about 12, I played Wendy in a ballet version of Peter Pan. The day of the dress rehearsal, the girl of who was playing my mother dropped out and another dancer had to step in and learn the mother's part last minute. The day of the performance, everything went fine until the final scene when Wendy and her brothers return home. We make our entrance, step through the window one's home. I look in the wings, and there's the girl who was supposed to be the mother, still in her mermaid costume, looking completely panicked. So we did ballet shrugs instead of ballet hugs and then the curtain came down. It was a much darker, more ambiguous ending to Peter Pan than usual. 

“Wedding” (Wednesdays with a "W" 2016). Rachel Zweig, Corinne Hastings, and Kevin Ritter. Photo: Brandon Perdomo.
Adam Levonian

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