First Day of Bright Half Life

Sonia Fernandez
Behind the Scenes
Jan 22, 2018

Yesterday we began rehearsal for the second show of Magic Theatre’s season, Bright Half Life.  Magic staff, Board members, Literary committee, and Laney College theatre students all gathered in our lounge to listen to our intrepid actors Lisa Anne Porter and Sarah Nina Hayon read the play together for the first time. With Director Jessica Holt at the helm, it was a rousing and deeply moving first read of Tanya Barfield’s inspired play.

‍First Day of Rehearsal for Bright Half Life
‍Laney College students listen to design presentations
‍General Manager Mike Ferrell and Director of Production Sara Huddleston sitting in front of our timeline and design images
(L to R) Eric Flatmo, set designer; Sara Huddleston, director of production; and Sarah NIna Hayon, who plays Vicky, talking to director Jessica Holt.

Jessica Holt's opening remarks launched us into the world of Bright Half Life:

"The thing is. Soulmates. An idea that may or may not exist…."

Sometimes you can just tell. You meet a person and you feel like they are just…major. You just know they will be in your life for a long time. And you know they will make a profound impact on you, the decisions you make in your life, and ultimately, they will indelibly shape your life. You will look back and realize that your journey through life was undeniably changed because you decided to take the leap with THAT person.

Bright Half Life is about that journey.

It is about the infinite moments that make up a great love over the course of an exhilarating, sometimes disappointing, often confusing, many times infuriating, every once in a while transcendent and ultimately ephemeral life.                                                                                                                              -- Jessica Holt

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