Dogeaters Cast Interviews: Carina Lastimosa Salazar

Sonia Fernandez
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Jan 22, 2018

Carina Salazar, who plays Trini Gamboa, joined us today to talk a little bit about her experience on this show among other things....

What has the rehearsal process been like for you?

It sounds corny talaga, but it’s been inspirational. Inspirational because I get to work with such talented people. It has been such a joy being able to watch everyones’ work. Everyone is giving such beautiful, nuanced performances, it inspires me to push myself and delve deeper into my character.

How did you first get involved in the project?

I was first asked to read Trini when Magic  had Dogeaters in the Virgin Play Series in June 2014 and luckily they kept me in mind for this production.

Anything can happen with live performance, do you have a funny moment/embarrassing memory to share?

I used to tour children’s theatre for Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre. With children’s theatre, we’re performing every school day for the entire school year. That’s a lot of chances to mess things up. There was one day where it had been raining all morning, so a lot of our equipment was soaked from the rain, as were the floors, which we didn’t bother to wipe down. We start off the show and when I run upstage to exit, I slip on a puddle of water, sliding into one of our touring units making a loud thud. All the middle school students burst into laughter. After the show, we have a Q&A where they can ask follow up questions about the show and all they could ask me was how my butt felt from falling so hard.

Can you tell us a little about your character? What do you think is his/her best quality? Worst? 

Trini is a woman from the province who has made the bold decision to finally break away from her parents and claim her independence by moving to the capital of the Philippines, Manila. I think her best quality is her ambition. She knows what she wants to achieve and goes for it wholeheartedly, unfortunately, I also feel that it can be her worst side as well because it can be difficult for her to accept when she things don’t go as planned.

What was your first experience at/with Magic?

My first experience with Magic was seeing a show back in 2008. When I studying at Academy of Art, our acting professor took us to go see Evie’s Waltz, which, after some research, I discovered was Loretta’s directorial debut as Magic’s Artistic Director.

Sonia Fernandez

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