Behind the Scenes at Fred's Diner Rehearsal -- Bootcamp

Sonia Fernandez
Behind the Scenes
Jan 22, 2018

I overheard Jessi Campbell (who plays Chloe in Fred's Diner) talking about the mind and body workouts happening in rehearsal:  Bootcamp for the body: 

"The ladies plank every day. Boys refuse to do it. They don't want to get beat by the girls."

I took this photo yesterday [Clockwise from bottom left are Katharine Chin who plays Melissa; Julia McNeal who plays Heather; Jessi and Sofie Miller our Production Assistant].  These ladies held planks for a full two minutes!  I joined in for the last minute or so, because girl power.  And the mind:

"There's so much busy work on this show. So much [waitress] stuff! Food. Plates. Ketchup. And  we're still working on lines. It's bootcamp for the mind. Its good though because for them [waitresses] it is like autopilot. And we are so lucky to be working on the set so early."

Kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time.

Sonia Fernandez

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