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    Sneak peak into the creative world of Octavio Solis’ Se Llama Cristina.

    The characters inĀ Se Llama Cristina must journey back into their memories to change the course of their future. The map and images you see below are utilized during rehearsals to help the actors and designers get a feel for the world we are creating with this production. Enjoy this exclusive look at the visual landscape of Se Llama Cristina!

    Here’s a closer look at the map of the characters’ journey from El Paso, TX to Daly City, CA with stops in Tucumcari, NM and Winslow, AZ along the way:

    1 Response

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for posting this. We just saw the play last night and it was so moving! Today, I found myself trying to “sort it out”. When I woke up I had that feeling you have when something “big” has happened and it took me quite awhile to realize that what had happened was to the characters in the play and not to someone in my actual life. A great show.