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    Loretta Greco on Magic’s 2012-13 Season

    Dear Friends,

    It is my honor to share with you the lineup for 2012-13, our 46th season, that offers a wild array of stories woven around the idea of family. Although each play is remarkably unique in structure, language, and tone, the narratives are united in their personal, hilarious, and heartbreakingly universal observations.

    We kick off in September with the return of Sharr White, whose Annapurna moved so many of you last season, and the West Coast premiere of his thriller, The Other Place. I’m excited to collaborate again with Sharr on this amazing play that dramatically pieces together a highly mysterious event in the life of Juliana – a wife, mother, and medical researcher at the top of her game. A Broadway production of the play has just been announced for December, but you get the chance to see it here first.

    Next up, in November, we are thrilled to introduce a wonderful emerging voice: Anna Ziegler and her world premiere play Another Way Home, which follows the Nadelman family on the occasion of Parent’s Visiting Day at Camp Kickapoo. It is a gloriously honest – and hysterical – excavation of family that provides an exceptional lens into three teenage lives, as well as the changing nature of fulfillment experienced by two parents.

    The New Year brings another reason to celebrate. Local legend Octavio Solis returns to his original San Francisco home – Magic – with the world premiere of Se Llama Cristina. Following in the tradition of Shepard and Ionesco, this wildly trippy allegory begins when a young man and woman find themselves locked in a room, completely unaware of their identities, and grapple with the very foreign possibility of becoming parents.

    March marks the return of my friend and wonderful playwright Julie Marie Myatt (Sex Lives of American Women) with her stunning tale of loss, The Happy Ones. Set in Orange County, the play explores what happens when someone who has achieved everything the American Dream promises loses it all in an instant. A rare and, yes, humorous tale of grief, catharsis, and friendship, this Bay Area premiere will have you laughing through your tears.

    The season ends with the long awaited return of one of my favorite playwrights, Mark O’Rowe, with his latest Irish masterwork: Terminus. Mark’s Howie the Rookie dazzled audiences and critics many Magic years ago. Our staging will mark the first American production of this muscular tour de force with its fever-pitched, hip-hop influenced rhythms. Three lone voices fill the stage with staggering intensity and imagination as Mark’s unparalleled language transports us to another time and place. I can’t think of a more thrilling way to end our season.

    The 2012-13 season continues the Magic Theatre tradition of giving you access to exhilarating new works written by a lineup of ground-breaking theatrical voices – all in an intimate setting where every seat is the best in the house. Don’t miss out. There’s much more in development with new work from Taylor Mac, Eugenie Chan, Linda McLean and other beloved writers – as well as a very exciting anniversary celebration in the works.

    We can’t thank you enough for your support.

    See you at the theatre,
    Loretta Greco,
    Producing Artistic Director

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